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Madness- The green cap!

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OK...I watched so many madnes animations and I decided that I can make madness TO!So i'v made it!Thats one of my first OFFICIAL madness animations ,so I hope you like it and don't forget I am not so good in madness !

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To short

Read above =( also was kind of boring, even tho it was so short, im amazed


The reviewers below me must'nt think that highly of Krinkels' work.
Since this, is NOT a good movie, the characters are stretched and awkward looking.
The action is very basic as is the violence.
The backgrounds are stretched for some reason even though it isn't that hard to match them to the screen size.

Once again...

Try harder, these poor attempts at madness give the series a bad name.

zer0hawk9339 responds:

ok ,but don't forget that 's my first MADNESS animation so I cant make all this stuff in my first,ok and I think as first animation it is kind of good fo amateur like me! :)

Good but needs improvement

make it look like a challenge fo the main charecter it looks like hes just walking donw and killing everyone

Really good stands out

A lot of people make some kind of madness flashes where the character don't get hurt at all thru 3 min. movie this stands out

RAndom Zombie

i love the random zombie at the end but like you should work on like more action sequences if you get into it like all the people that died just took it lke it was nothing but it was better than some of the other ones i have seen