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"Get Ross Snyder Drunk"

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I just Saw Ross kept drinking out of that jug so i made a quick lil game about it nothing special

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Well this was more like a video of ross and tom fulp hanging out in the office but it was actually entertaining I may suggest removing the buttons and let it animate like a movie of sorts regardless it was entertaing stuff as always keep it real.



Not really that great. Just making a man drink from some random stream he seems to have done in the past.

That was pointless.

There was just no point whatsoever to this, click on a drawing of a nottle a few times to see webcam pictures of Ross drinking from a bottle, occasionally with Tom in it as well along with some text at the bottom, then when you'd done all 4 you saw Ross leaning forward and some sick you drew coming out of his mouth, it was just completely pointless and it wasn't funny at all. You should have done something that was actually funny with the webcam pictures and made this "game" more interactive in some way as clicking on bottles 4 times didn't exactly make this a game. You also should have added some sort of sound to this as it just seemed really odd without it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


That was awful.

Good,But could use work on the voices.....................................................

That was awful.

Must that hideous Suga Babi be in every freaking flash cartoon you make? Why don't you redo that "i'm Sick of This shit" flash with Suga Babi telling us all off! That would be so hilarious and I would totally give it a 5 unlike the 0 I'm about to give this piece.