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Hay all ima reposting this now i have fixed a few bugs including the botton problem.

its basicly just a few of my stupid idears put together in this flash, its not my best work and its cornie and crapply animated so yer tell me what you think.

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Hmm Well

None of that was funny to me so my suggestion is spend more time on the jokes. The animation is great for now, much better than mine... not that mine is good :)

Shorts were not lolable.

You need to spend more time on your animations. The whole thing felt rushed, and you really need to put together a proper script and maybe start off with just making one short, and make it really good. Just because there three of them doesn't make it any more lolable. Also add a 'play all' button. The last one was the worst.


i love the wrestling one the most!

eh, not a big halo guy.

Halo is fun and all, i guess i just got board of it and all.
so being unbiased i can say it wasn't 110% but still it was quick and simple.
I liked the wrestling one! hahah!

and "Spartan-Laser-Bitch!" tho the "punch line" was awesome, its execution wasn't very good, just drawn out. had the entire battle field been flattened or something, THAT would be funny.


That was poorly animated and certainly not lolable. Obviously you didn't try to make a good video, but you somehow thought these 3 shorts were hilarious...
If you actually put effort into creating irony, the shorts will be more amusing.
For example, ather than simply having a person electrocute himself under the title "lolectrocution," have the title as something like "Shocking Surprise," and have somebody working with electrical cords and they accidentally get electrocuted, even though the cords say "No-shock cords."

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Jul 24, 2008
10:34 PM EDT
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