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I Am A Noob To Animating so if it sucks then thats all i can do(or feel like doing)
the camera is supposed to shake so,there is nothing wrong with the animation
And No Sound Sorry

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it's cool could done with more gore

not bad

its veru nice im organising madness collabs maybe u can joint if u want, no need to add sound we just add a song in the background... u can see on i added recently its just me and my friend and im hoping to get more people interested for the enxt ones, anyone is invited

again - not bad and i like the shaking effect i ahve it on one of my submissions too its not madness, but i know that its hard to make...

8PM responds:

Its realy awesome you want me to join but i just watched some of your other animations
and they would make mine look like the shit that has yet to be flushed

UPDATE:Your working with me right now! LOL!!!!!!! <3


make it better with sound and i will probably like it cause i LUV the maddness series so keep trying bruda

8PM responds:

At least your not an ass about it like some people


add sound

8PM responds:

Im actualy planning to resubmit it with sound and a preloader


The animation was rather well done. If you are truely new in your career and you made this alone then keep working and you will produce something pretty noteworthy. I know the art was copied (not stolen? as long as you just based it off their work and are holding no pretense that it's your original art then who cares as long as you drew it and animated it yourself people should consider it a tribute) But I would give it a new name, names like "BlahShitAss" make me expect to just give it a 0 lol :D

8PM responds:

I named it "blashitass" because i thought everyone would hate it and
because i understand there are a lot of assholes out there on newgrounds

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2.95 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2008
9:17 PM EDT