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Super mario loop

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Well, this is super mario loop.... as the name suggests, is a loop, so don't expect that much :P ...

The reason why I post this is because I'm planning to start a super Mario sprite series, and I'm looking foward people comments (so they are appreciated)..

this loop is in fact something old I did a year ago or so...

ps: Yeah, I know it doesn't have sounds, but as I said, it was done for practice...

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well it was simple and decent considering it's length
nice job none the less

Not a fan

I'm not a fan of mario sprites, but it looks alright.

Hi Nacritico!

I accidentally watched the loop 3 times <_<....

It wasn't too good to tell the truth.

Music: 0/10 *none*
Graphics: 4/10 *Sprites, which isn't always bad, but it wasn't the "excellent" sprite graphics. For example, the dirt when mario landed at one part was not a sprite and didnt go with the theme. Some pixels were the incorrect colors too. The Mario running with transparent ones behind was nice, and so was the repeated slow motion parts.*
Story: 0/10 *none*
Originality: 1/10 *Mario attacks shells, big woop*

Of course, it was just practice. Practice is supposed to make you better.

Just giving you supportive critisism,

nacritico responds:

Music: yeah, but last time I tried to use music in a n animation, it limited me a lot (see FF battle 64)

Ghrapics: sometimes, sprites movies are not done 100% by sprites...
if you look at EarthWorm Kelivin (THE sprite movie maker), you'll see that sometimes he puts other stuff in the movie as well (like Photoshop effects and crap of the sort)

Story: Yeah, but that's what my next movie is having :D

Originality: Yeah, it was a mario animation... what were you expecting - . - ?


it would be so much better if you had music, other than that it was great


that was pretty good. Only reason I gave it a 3, is because it was only a short loop :P but I'm sure you expected that, right? =]

nacritico responds:

I'm just happy this entered the portal :) ....