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Golden Crystal

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I know it's short but it's only made in 2 days. Ill be making number 2 and this time ill try not to copy Steel style. ^^

Anyways, enjoy.

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That was cool, though a bit short. You're a good animator, and everything was relatively smooth. The floors and stuff didn't look that great, but that's okay. Also, you used great sound effects and great music. You might want to put in a play button. Also, the back button didn't work.

The golden crystal didn't really seem to have much play in the animation, other than that some guys were protecting it or something.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

very nice

It was pretty short :( but I enjoyed it, anyway! I like that you use very good sound effects and that you're not another noob playing with sticks. Pro Sticks FTW!!!


dude that was pretty kool! i liked wen he said butt secs! lol! good job

Pretty good.

This movie was alright... Fairly similar to most stick-battles, but still, alright. The animation moved smoothly, of what I could see, and it didn't seem to have any "laggy" moments in the action. Would have been better if it was longer, but even with how short it turned out to be, it's still alright. Keep working on your animating skills, I'm sure you will get somewhere eventually.


5 megs for such a short movie...

I like stickmen, I like that song...

you can't simply get high score for putting a song peoples like in a flash...

enough said, you seem to have some talents in flash, try to make better quality stuff, good luck.

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4.32 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2008
4:47 PM EDT