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Yo Yo Kirby Dance Party

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All right it might be repetitive but at least you get to listen to a good song. Took me 3 days to make this
I'm still a noob animater so its ok to give it a bad review.

If possible I need to know what kind of programes the other animaters are using.


Okay for a loop.

I was bored watching it after a few seconds, seeing as all of the characters repeated the same actions multiple times. I'm sure you can do better than that.

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I can tell you tried

Well.. you're getting there, and you at least put effort into it. Here are 2 things you might like to know:
The best movies are ones with original characters, and well thought out plots. Try thinking about what might be cool to animate, and then do it!
Programs I use: Flash (DUH), photoshop (My best freind. Makes anything look better!), audacity (excellent for anything sound related), any program that lets you record music from a MIDI keyboard if you have one. I use record producer. It came free with my MIDI cable. Also, if you are doing frame by frame, which I think is cooler, than you may be intersted in a tablet. Look for the Wacom Bamboo!

Good luck, and never stop trying!

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Not bad!

It looked pretty clean and not too choppy, keep at it! I really liked the song, but i've never heard of that song or band.

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well, good song, so thats +1 star, and ok animation +6 stars, but boring and repetitive. -4 stars.

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it's a start

the song, to me, didn't fit very well, not saying it was bad...but I could have gotten around that if there was some more to this than just Kirby's dancing over and over.

try doing more, so your viewer's don't get bored.

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1.76 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2008
12:41 PM EDT
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