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Learn to Vote Responsibly

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Tired of the sorry state your country is in? It's your own fault if you've never learned to VOTE RESPONSIBLY. Let Brody Raite help you learn this delicate art. We'll all be better off.

Hi all. Me again. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to watch my little cartoon, and to the newgrounds folks who so generously added it to their front page.

And especially, thanks for the debate! I love it! I love the comments and I love the opinions. Now everybody, go learn about (and vote for) the person that you think would best represent you - wherever you are in the world!

Brody Raite
Remember, only you have the power to do what you're told.

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oh grace now i know how to vote :)

We still have yet to learn

Better than those political commercials

Funny and a good message to people

excellent, and bipartisan

lol I don't think some ppl got the point of this. they were like "uhhhh.... it wuzzn't funnny....3" -coughguybelowmecough- you're right on the money with what you're saying in this. Especially in the upcoming 08 election, if people actually examined the two candidates (realized that Obama is just a big celebrity who uses alot of nice words, but backs none of them and also realized that McCain has got the experience and character that our nation needs in a President, along with the right way of thinking as far as TAXES go P-)) then we would get who we need in the White House every election.


creative, but it lacked humor

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3.92 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
4:51 PM EDT

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