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Wu Xia Issue 1

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Author Comments

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Confucus
This is the first installment in the martial arts epic called Wu Xia, based off of my own comic book, hence the graphic novel style. It takes place in an alternate timeline where heavy terrorist activity across the country and a president obsessively paranoid of assassination has lead to an amendment outlawing civilian use or possession of firearms. Stick with me because the art and story will get better in later issues, I promise.

I know there will be a lot of questions, so here is a FAQ, minus the Q.
1)Though Dante and Vergil don't visit it in The Divine Comedy, there is in fact a tentacle rape area in the city of Dis in the fifth circle. It is where the sexual perverted (especially tentalce fans) are sent for all eternity. On another note, the furries are repeatedly plunged into and pulled out of the river of boiling blood in the eighth circle.
2)It stands for all-Singing, all-Dancing Crap of the World. It's taken from a line in Fight Club. Basically the equivilent of the "vulgar masses" from the "Battle Royale" book.
3)Yes, James is supposed to look that badly drawn because he is the least lulzy character.
4)A student is not a tangerine, that is correct.
6) Those are ray gun circles coming out of Bryan's sword. He made them himself.
7) The Archives will make more sense later. Or not. Depends on your level of intellect, I suppose.



Nice work.


I kinda liked it, but i have a couple suggestions. Work on getting the voices to sound a bit better - static is no fun. It also wasn't very original, but hey, i understand. Work on your drawing and details a bit and keep up the good work

It loads then stops after 3 seconds

It loads then stops after 3 seconds

Just horrible

Teon-Teh-Ronin responds:

I'm not sure that the problem was, but everyone else was able to load it. Maybe you should get a better computer.

It's cool..

The presentation wasn't very good, and the voice acting for the robber was terrible, But the script wasn't too bad. There's actually a funny little movie in here, if you can look past some of the faults.


It's ok

The animation was ok (7.5 out of 10), but the story line needs work (4.5/10)

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
4:05 PM EDT
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