onion skin tutorial

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my first tut
hope usefull
download file: http://i-copeland.deviant art.com/art/bow-92370565


? Wrong labelled ...onion skin what for here??

Would be more helpful to know if the Animation is with a MC or just a shape.
If the Object is a MC you don't need any onion skin to reduce Alpha.
It's enough to go just on one frame and change one MC in that frame and all other copies of it are changed.
So I don't get the really point of it (obviously you try to make a kind of shade to the moving ball with the 2. layer? So tell it, please)
And maybe I get this completely wrong so I have to agree LegendaryGF: This is quite confusing ....

i-copeland responds:

i dont think u understand wat the tutorials about ITS LIKE MOTION BLUR
just more creative
this effect is just maybe, good to know.
iner peace man


Dude thanks

i-copeland responds:

dude ur so welcome

for the thought...

kinda confusing.. and hard to tell whats going on...good effort tho =/

Poorly put together.

It was a nice tutorial, but it wasn't put together very well. I definately was surprised, because I thought it was going to be a tut on how to click on the onion skin button.

i-copeland responds:

my dad also said" tut on how to click on the onion skin button"
haha lqtm (laugh quitely to myself0


this is very helpful thank alot ivan from ivans other acount hahaha

i-copeland responds:

haha ur welcome

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Jul 21, 2008
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