In Memory of Her

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Today, my beloved dog died. We had to put her to sleep, because she was incredibly ill and we couldn't stand to see her in such a condition. On the way home from the animal hospital, this popped into my head. I figured it would be a nice memorial to her. This is all true, by the way.

I don't really care if you don't think it's good, it's the story that matters.

Dedicated to Ashes

Song : Sora - Escaflowne

W-wow thank you for all the support you guys O_O Erm, I know this isn't any thing special animation wise, but still I thank you all. O_O; But the fact still remains. If this isn't a suitable piece of work to be on Newgrounds, please tell me and I'll remove it. Thank you all the same.

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Thank you all for your comments. Im really happy this got to touch so many people's hearts. It's such a joy to hear your stories and relations, and I thank you all. Im happy to know that there are so many kinda people out there! ^_____^

Thank you.

Dedicated to all who have lost their prescious pet or pets. Just remember they wait for you in Heaven.

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My hamster was plighted and put down as well.
I think your dog is happily playing somewhere with all the others...
R.I.P. for all of them

D; Damn beautiful.

Just recently my fathers dog died. Her name was BeBe and she was a mix of rottweiler and something else. She lived for twevle years and had athritus in her hip. it would hurt her to walk and one day while i was a school she was too sick and the pain was to much for her to move. My father had put too sleep, and cremated. We have a photo of her and a paw print as a ceramic clay molding. i miss her and her motherly atitude everyday.

THe song, brings a whole other story. I had a girlfriend who i swore was the one for me. Her name was Vira and She understood my faults and would help me correct them. Escaflowne was her favorite movie. And Sora, her favorite song. She would sing it to me wheneveri was troubled and she sang it to put me to sleep.(in a good way). She went out of country during summer vacation to follow a band. during one concert, somebody snuck beer in and got drunk. he then threw the bottle into the audience. Hitting her in the head. No one knew until the show was over and they noticed her on the ground. i didnt find out until after the funeral. Whenever i hear this ong it reminds me of her and BeBe. I know that they are in heaven waiting for me, but i still burst into tears when i hear this song and i am crying even now. i miss them so much and i thank you for making this.

oh, so sad D:

D: man this is sad it reminds me of my dog carbo :( he was a blacklab, the memory i have most of him is when i was 3 i was in my high chair, and i had pbj all over me and i gave him a peice and i started to crack up and he licked my hand, the next thing i new we were in the hospital and they put him to sleep and I cried T.T rest in peace Carbo and ashes let you two play together in heaven T.T

Reminds me!

One day my dog,Shadow died,he was big and looked mean but he was a big baby,lol...,one day seven of my neihbeors dogs attacked him while we were at school and work and he died,i cried for several hours!

I cried.

It reminds me of my ktty cat Bootsie. She was the best kitty in the whole world, and she got sick, so she went out and we couldn't find her for a week. Our neighbor came over and told us that my cat was in their shed. She had died already, and I held her in my arms and cried for over an hour. I had to bury her with my now wife, and i cried the whole time. This is a very heart felt video, and it makes me remember all the fun times and cuddly times I had with my porr little Bootsie. I will always miss her.

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Jul 21, 2008
2:51 AM EDT
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