Industrial Jukebox

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This is not a game or movie. It is simply for artistic expression. If you want a game, go somewhere else.

This might have been my second Flash project (c. '07). I've sat on these things for a while because I didn't want to dig for the audio credits. Well, I've finally done it. Here are the names:

"Planet of Trance"- Billy Pfrommer
"The People Eaters 2"- Billy Pfrommer
"Ambient DnB"- calpomatt
"Kode 2"- Lee I. Garnett
"Killing Fly"- PacRat

Textures were downloaded from Mayang.com (Mayang Murini Adnin) and enhanced by me with Adobe Photoshop. There is no real point to this, and you should be done exploring all it's features in about 30 seconds, but the experience is still kind of cool.

I planned to have another feature where if you turn the volume up too loud, the speaker blows up. Of course, 3ds MAX isn't as compatible with Flash as I had originally hoped. I might try to add that feature some day using some other program. I know Maya can render vectors, but I don't know if that will work.


and I hate Maya

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I suggest you expand on this animation, fix the glitches, make it a visualizer. Speaker moving with the song. Lights dancing to the beat, the works.

Zero out of -9000

You get a 0 for unfairly rating good flashes 0. It's called karma you fool.


nice song, and nice design

BUT u serius need a stop btn.....

Omg you can make a King of Buttons game!

Try it.You might do something like the king of buttons game and get popular!

This is decent.

The design is amazing and it's kinda neat, but still pretty buggy and the songs don't stop if you play something else. I'd like to see a full-fledged version of this, though.

Also, guys, shut up about the whole "it's not a game hurr hurr" bullshit. If this was labeled as a Movie people would go even worse on it.

webchameleon responds:

Thank you. Yes, I know the songs can play over eachother here. Originally I had the sounds set to stream. That was really buggy so I changed them to Start. This one seemed to work best, and allowed for creative integration later.

All my old projects are being updated and made more advanced (except the Halloween Card thing [see Related Submissions]).

Just wait until I get my website up; you likely won't have any idea how I did it!

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Jul 20, 2008
12:54 AM EDT
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