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Oh Noez Land Shark

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Author Comments

This was originally released on Newgrounds in 2007, but now it has been completely remastered, with all the original live action backgrounds in tact (thanks to some new compression tricks) along with an all new soundtrack. Its practically a whole new movie. This is The Ultimate Asparagus Episode 02 the way it was always supposed to be seen.

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Loved your breaking of the fourth wall in this. So beautifully random and amazing all at the same time. Well done, my good sir.

10 stars

10 stars for the "OH SHIT" FROM THE LAND SHARK

Super good !

Loved it !

holy god

awesome soundtrack

I'd like to see more of this but it's an impossibility given NG's file size limit, which even a short toon does like this almost breaks : (

Gerkinman responds:

Ill be making some more shorts like this in the future, dont worry ;D


Just a tad off topic but does anyone else find it ironic that a person named "Trunksssj7" wrote a review about how Gerkin needs to find some "new ideas"?