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One Match Riddle

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*EDIT* a bug was fixed

This is an one riddle - but hard one .. so.. You can submit here your score in the reviews =]
You need to move one match from one place to another..
Try to do it fast as you can...
Try not to do a lot of releases..
[One mistake costs you 2 releases because you need to drag it back! ].
Minimum Score: 985000

Good luck !

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Does it even work?

i moved a mach from the + sign to the = sign to make it a "not equal" sign and it didnt work then i tried some other ones said in the reviews and they didnt work either.

Please don't submit crap to Newgrounds

You can't even get your own riddle right. It has at least two answers and none of them work. So if you think you're so clever. Stop.


i foun a way that u move one match to create a real math problem but it didnt work ( 8+9+2+19 [move 1 from the 8 in 18 to make a 9 {19} and move it to the 5 to make a 9})


The idea is a good one, maybe more levels and for some reason I worked out the riddle but the game didn't finish :S 8+6+2 = 16 (remove the top right stick from the original "= 18" and place it on the original 5 to make a 6 ^_^) but yeh, the concept is sound but needs to be developed


This isn't even a game, no matter what you decided to call it. Sure as hell hope you weren't trying to make something people would have fun with.

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2.15 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2008
3:07 PM EDT