Journey to the Centre Dem

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this is just a demo the full game wont be out for at least 2 weeks but enjoy!

WTF horrible reviews. Everybodys a critic



1 the walking animation was terrible you did a good job on drawing the character but wtf happened to the walking animation he looks like a special child with arthritis

2 a frigging big ass tutorial for what couldve just been described as arrow keys to move

3 what was the play button for if it was just gonna be a repeat of the tutorial

4 what were the diamonds for they didnt add to your score or help you in any way

It appears someones handed you the basic bits and peices for a game and youve
put them together in a way that is not visually appealing nor fun to play i hope you can greatly improve this game before releasing the full version and for the love of god fix the walking animation

Masta12 responds:

this coming from the person who cant get a 2.00 for any flash he makes.

was ok considering a demo

i know its just a demo but did you serisouly have to make both the play and tutorial button go to the same thing i ended up playing the tutorial twice lol


needs work (music, useful collectibles, cool enemies) but it could work

"Sometimes they lie" lol

I don't care about the graphics, I just want maybe a goal or something. So-so as it is though.

good game

i believe this has very good potential. i like the game in about every way.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2008
1:32 PM EDT
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