Pants Announcement

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This is a public service announcement. Following its instructions may help prevent incarceration, serious injury, infertility, or death. Brought to you by Morgan Lair Productions and The Leg Covering Advisory Board.

This is just a short I made in a couple of days based on an idea that I had while trying not to wake up in the morning. It's all of about 12 seconds long and I'm happy with that length; if it were any longer or shorter, it would be less funny. I did all of the art, animation, and music, so constructive comments on all areas are appreciated.

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Good job

It was well done, nice mixing, and I like your animation style. Unfortunately the title makes it a bit obvious what's going on as soon as you see the first person's reaction. What can I say, I didn't lol, but I liked it.

Spiderman540...are you saying your dick is about 1 and a half inches long and less than a quarter of an inch thick? Damn son. Damn.

Ectonaut responds:

Touché, my friend.

Unfortunately, it was hard to find a title that had anything to do with the cartoon at all, much less one that didn't give away the punchline. One takes what one can get, I suppose.

good artork!

I enjoyed this, good production overall! Only thing I have to say: I think some takes from the background people just as they come on screen would greatly add to the effect.
Make the audience wonder why the people are reacting strangely to the walking man.

his nose

is the size of mah dick!... Fo Realz son


awesomely funny

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2008
6:29 PM EDT
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