Solitary Silence

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A car journey in the middle of the night by a single person and what it results in.

The sound is slightly out because my version of flash failed, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Time taken - A few months.


Very Good.

Well, its incredibly well drawn and I take my hat off for that, but the music wasn't perfect for it, and there was to much repition. You need to cut some of pointless views of the dashboard out because it makes it look like an advert for the car. Utherwise I thought it was really good, just needs a bit of tweaking to make it look more acomplished, and change it from a very good movie to a brilliant movie.


Really well drawn , so i have to give you kudos for that, but as a movie, not really doing it for me, try to add some story to your pretty well crafted stuff.

Well drawn

Nicely done animation-wise, but as a movie it's pretty dire. Way too long, too repetitive and the audience are likely to be too dozy by the end to bother reading the message. If you wanna make a point, it needs to be snappier.

This was Seriously Cool!

This was a really good movie. The exceptionally good graphics were backed up, by very smooth and clean animation. I also rather enjoyed the beginning, with the cars on the motor way, with the raining driving down. Great job! Well done!


The animation looked nice. I especially liked the way the lights from outside of the car hit things on the inside of th car. I think it might have looked better if played faster. Like, more frames per second. And I liked the music, only problem I have with it is that is has birds chirping... which I don't think usually happens on a rainy highway.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2008
7:28 PM EDT
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