GohanvsCell: The Showdown

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NOTE: Before you watch just so you know this does not go the same as the show's version.

This is a flash that I just randomly made to flex my animation skills a bit so I don't expect too much from it. As said above this does not go the same way as the show so...yeah.

Enjoy :)

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A solid try

This was a pretty fun fight to watch,the script was solid and there was a good bit of creativity to go with it and had some good music selections i especially liked the part when they did the beam battle,you are getting better all the time and this was one more step to go along with your improvements. =)


Zrofllol at: I...................Am ................................. Ur...........................Father!!
!!!!!!!! XD

OLD293 responds:

lol, most ppl thought that part was unnecessary :P

Rather good...

Good combat and action, effects are great as usual, variety with the use of "8-bit -styled" sprites, original sounds, and lastly the basic storyline of Teen Gohan VS. Cell. I liked it, and I saw nothing wrong with it. Just not amazing. Also, that phrase "I am your father!" seemed unnecessary. I give it an 8/10 and a 4/5. Great job!

OLD293 responds:

I guess it was, but I've done better since this sprite movie...go check my other recent ones out when you get the chance. Thx for the review =)

I expected it to suck...

But boy was I wrong. The thing could've been beter if it went with the story but it actually seemed better than the story. I didn't understand that part where Gohan said "I AM YOU RAFTHER" to Cell though. I hope you make more flashes as good as this.

OLD293 responds:

I see, i'm thinking about doing one that goes along with one of the episodes but i'll have to re-watch some DBZ episodes to get it right...and the I am your father part was a joke that I added in cause i'm stupid xD, thx tho


I liked it alot!! The animation were awesome but the sound effects were horrible especially the kame-hame-ha thingy but still good.

Keep up the good work :)

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Jul 17, 2008
3:59 AM EDT