sasuke's chidori reaL

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This is my borthers friend mark doing the chidori and markäs borther directed i eidited.This is a inside joke between my friends.



u messed up cuz i KNO ur brothers voice dont sound like that and u used sound effects to make the shocky sound and edited to make it look like a real chidori

a decent video

saw similar videos on youtube milions of time. Ur chidori was moving up,down,right and left. nice try

Yo sucked

sorry but it wasnt that kool

i give u a 7 >_>

rong hand signs try ox hare monkey next time >_> or its osmnthign liek tht X_X

Could use a lot of work.

The rotoscoping was pretty uneven in terms of color.
And when you zoomed in, the image didn't change size to compliment the zooming.

Also, like you said, the hand signs were wrong. This could easily be fixed by looking up the proper sequence via search engine. I used to have it memorized, but I forgot everything except Byakugan.

You could also expand on this by having him do something like engaging a target, or something like that. Have someone else be Naruto (if you can pull off cosplaying) and have them battle. I saw something similar on deviantART, but with Rasengan.

And one last thing. The syncing during the hand signs, were off. If there are any other problems that you already know about, just put them up in your description.

It was a pretty good concept, but there was so much that you could've done to make it great. I hope you consider some of the stuff I said, and make a new one that is way better than this one.

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Jul 16, 2008
2:16 PM EDT
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