Listen You Little Brat.

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this movie is just like my revirew..


Random and Nice as hell.. am I right ;)?

TR-COOLGUY responds:

No, you are not.

I don't think anyone got it

Yeah this was pretty cool. I'm actually pretty sure it was about consumerism. Or maybe about how disposable people can be in an industry.


My reviews going to be harsh, so don't let the points fool you. I gave you good points, because the overall artwork is good.

However, this reminds me of horror movies, where folks who have only heard about dementia or mental illness (but haven't experienced it first hand for themselves) try to put it into words. But, what usually ends up happening (much like this flash) is that they're merely regurgitating what they've seen or heard about from other sources. So, you end up with this cliche' visualization bullshit. It doesn't really define itself in anyway to show any particular mental illness. It's just a mixture of randomness, sensory deprivation and skitchy filmwork to produce what the artist thinks is disturbing, which usually means the creator is nothing more than some angsty person who wished they had a mental illness because it would be "cool" and could justify their arm-cutting, attention whore nature.

TR-COOLGUY responds:

1. Why would anybody want a mental illness.
2. Who said this guy had a mental illness.
3. Three.
4. Who said your dad was a metal princess.
5. I just want to be LOVED.
6. How would this be disturbing at all.
7. Butts.
8. Give me a 5, or a 6. Apparently, you didn't like it. So don't give me a rating I obviously do not deserve.


...not too sure what to think of this... while the Animation was good... the... uh... well to put it in a simple way I did not get what the hell was supposed to be going on... I guess I must have missed the meaning there...

TR-COOLGUY responds:

You didn't miss it, you didn't try to catch it.

abstract for the sake of abstract.

surefire formula for a shitty, unintelligent and pointless movie. gg dude, gg.

TR-COOLGUY responds:

Well that's a but abusive, now is it?

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3.71 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
11:15 PM EDT