Cannon Dodge

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Use your awsome mouse skills to avoid the cannons and balls!
By: Smith1302

Avoid the balls!


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<embed src="http://games.mochiad s.com/c/g/cannon-dodge/ca nnongame.swf" width="550" height="400">


? too bad

looks like a cool game but i cant fucken fgure out how too turn the sound of so quit at eight fucken seconds cuz i wuz listenin to linkin park and this games music made it so fucken hard tu listen to mi fucking music


I enjoyed this. Well-done. Add upgrades, and make the mouse into some other shape that's less mousy. Perhaps some sort of recharging shield, speed, and repulsor upgrades could be bought at the end of each level?

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Way too repetitive!

This is a simple flash that requires almost no skill to create. The music has been overused and is therefore boring, there isn't even a sound off button! There is also a glitch when the balls get stuck on the outer edges. Please add some things to this game to make it less boring such as power-ups as said by the person below me. Not a good game in my opinion.

i wish i had a laser mouse...

this game is really amazing but i have my silly ball mouse where it sticks everywhere so i always died at level 5. It was really annoying because as long as it didn't stick i was fine, but once it did i was screwed.

well done

i think this is a great bordom buster game!
i only got 2 level 6 but if there isnt any powerups or special powers in this game, i think there should be

overall good game :)

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3.39 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
6:10 PM EDT
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