Random Short #1

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Random Short #1 - Water Cup

I will make AT LEAST twenty of these flashes. I will put previews of upcoming ones on my userpage every once in a while, and on my site.

I lied.


Could be better

Silly. Put 50% more effort into it and I will like it better. No stick figure arms and all that. Maybe a little music A little more detail. The glass was fine... devout of details it's a glass... But, the guy could use more human like details. The sound was crude, but hey, you're starting out I'll cut you some slack. The humor didn't have a huge drive. You could have pushed the envelope just a bit more. So-- look forward to your stuff in the future.

masterguy-1243 responds:


One of the better random shorts:

I gave you a ten cause it DID have a plot (contrary to other reviews), it was funny, and it was well animated. Also gave you a five, yeah it was short and randomish, but you managed to steer clear of dick, fart, and racist jokes which is more than one could say for about 90 percent of the flash on this site. Sweet flash, nuff said I suppose.

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masterguy-1243 responds:

Thanks. This was supposed to be an ATHF parody, but, like you said, would probably have tons and tons of fart jokes. I don't go that far to racism, so, yeah, thanks.


I loved that! Especially the end how the cup searched the 'naked old men' Will there be a sequel? :p

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masterguy-1243 responds:

I'm gonna make a series of these.


the water cup looked up "naked old men" on google

masterguy-1243 responds:

i know:P

Make better plots.

Randomness does not automatically = laughs. I recommend a few hours of monty python to inspire you.

masterguy-1243 responds:

Ok. I love Monty Python

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2.77 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2008
5:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original