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Agent Jones adv. 1

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In this game you will be able to make 1 mission as a Secret Agent Jones.
Someone attacked Police office and took down security, this was so strange ( why someone ever decidet to attack a police office ), so agency sond you to invastigate, there is also a posibility than terrorist are still there so better watch out.
It is a 1 round RPG, you will be unable to move with arrors, to play you will need only your mouse.
But there are also moments when you need to press ENTER with only 1 secound time so be focus.

This game is hard and you never know what attack will use boss so you will probably losse, but do not give up, just try again.

Tip 1: In first fight you need to use double gun 2 times next use granade trick, it is good way to start.
Tip 2: The harder you will attack, the harder enemy will shot you, so use granades to slow tham down and use granade trick to finish tham.

You will see only boss status, the rest opponents will have hidden hp so try to find best strategy be your own.

When you will end game than leave review do I should make next episode of this game or add this game again but longer ?
Hope you will have fun, sorry that it is not long but it is me first game.

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Awesome turn based battle

However you obviously not to be commended on your spelling or your speech bubbles lol