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Ohhh That Kojima!

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PLEASE READ: This is a flash making fun of Hideo Kojima (the creator of Metal Gear) It's not making fun of Metal Gear. This whole entire flash is based of the april fools joke video for MGS4 Where Hideo Kojima goes "did you like it?" at the end. so my Firend Haruken and I decided to make fun of that

I hope you enjoy this took me a couple of weeks

P.S Im plannig on making a sequal

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did you like it?

no actually i didnt... well, it was okay i suppose, but so many things were off

for one, you gotta work on you pronounciations

Hee-day-oh not Hid-ee-oo

and it isnt kooonami

LoveShineHero responds:

You were right, and i agree entirely

Oh come on!!!

I can't beleave this. can everyone make a flash GOD what the hell kind of flash did you use. But eveything was cool. But Next put more BLOOD!!!

LoveShineHero responds:

Cewl we gots the same name

You kinda failed..

The whole parody of Kojima saying that is that he can't pronounce 'like' and says 'rike' instead.

"DIDJU RIKE IT?!?!?1//1"

LoveShineHero responds:

I kinda agree, nice penis BTW

It maybe fun to make flash

but it would be better if you didn't suck at it take some drawing classes

LoveShineHero responds:

hey fuckface micdick i can draw awesome but im using a fucking mouse

You should take some dick sucking class's

Did I like it? YES

Hilarious dude, Kojima had me peeing myself with ''Did You Like It?''

Well yes i did lol, Kojima has to get taken out before he destroys us all! :-0

LoveShineHero responds:

ZOMG look at that guys dick! Thanks a dicky thoguh i love your soul