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Peview of wat to come

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EDIT: NOTE THAT THIS ISN"T THE FINAL VERSION i'm gunna take this 10x mroe serious and now...i'm going to get a theme song and artistic views of character design and im going to work a good week or 2 on this and then give you ma shiz... :) hope you can wait

EDIT AGAIN : i added music by supermusic should be on the left
another edit about ^ : is no i didn't edit credits about it cuz ... i was lazy soo thre.. :)

Yes this is made to be funny.. in a shity kind of way i just want to spread the joy of laughter :3 so i hope you get a cheap laugh or two

If you got anything to say just go ahead and say it in a review.. comments , critisism , Suggestions Whatever

And for those of you wondering there will for sure be 2 more videos like this coming up..
"Doritos : Sweet"
"Doritos : Bold"

Thanks for watchen



"why did u eat my dorito u motherfucking mexican" ^--^ lol

szafranko responds:

bahaha i love the song i even downloadered it and it's on my mp3 lmao it's just amazingly asome and yeah theres gunna be a new doritos THEME song on later videos soo if u wanna see that or just hear either add to fav's or add supermusic to fav's since he's creatorz


Heh heh... that was MESSED UP.


the animation was bad but it was still pretty freaking funny!

The best bad flash

Bad animation but hilarious!!! Love the random Mexican and the random comedy. But now I got the munchies and want some Doritos and don't have none :(


Well, I saw your last one, and this is a major improvement. Maybe work on the humor, but otherwise it was decnetly animated.

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2.67 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
11:37 PM EDT
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