Beatbot Boogie

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It was fun in Visual Basic, it was fun on your calculator in high school, and it's fun when Urbaniacs gets a hold of it. In this nod to the classic snake, play as a congo line of Beatbots, collecting records of random point values and avoid the red tape (not the corporate kind).

Keep an eye out for those rare blue records. At 1000 points a pop, they're worth the wait.

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Voice acting is shit. Not to be rude, but IMPROVE IT.

Better than Snake, but only just

It's Snake, but the disco music and matching artwork help to give it a new look. Unfortunately it doesn't have any real playability to it, so after a couple of minutes I wasn't really interested in playing any more.

i had so much fun ^_^

a bigger variety of music would sound nice to go along with this


Snake has been done wayyyy too many times. There's no way you can possibly make the game better or worse than it already is. Yes your game was colorful, but really it had no originality or anything to keep me playing for more than 2 minutes. The music was horrible, there were no powerups - making the replay value equal to zero. I basically gave you a 2 out of pity. No more Snake games please.

Why are the cassettes in the game?

That completely ruined the game. A few things it needs:

- Better disco graphics and lighting.
- More than one record popping up at a time.
- Cassettes either got to go or disappear after a certain time.
- Combo system.
- Power ups and such.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2008
7:17 PM EDT
Skill - Collect