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If you're wondering what the "TD" stands for, in the title, it stands for The Doom. It's the name of the song used in the animation. It's The Doom level music from Shadow the Hedgehog, not the most popular of games, but had some good music.

Please watch the whole thing before reviewing/voting though.

EDIT: You may think at first it's stolen, because of the "unregistered hypercam" at the top, but I just use hypercam to record my stickmovies.

I should've probably mentioned this earlier, but there is a youtube version, if you like youtube movies better or something >_>

EDIT TO THE EDIT: I deleted my snaker147 youtube account so the other Get to the Finish movies no longer are up, and I don't have them uploaded anywhere else, so just ignore the links to the youtube videos.

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I liked the fast action you did with pivot and I was thinking If the next time you did something similar If you could add two friends running with the main character. Still it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

putzpie responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. Truthfully I probably won't make any more of these, but I like the idea of two people running that would be pretty cool.

Very good animation

your very good at pivot and it's a good animation, but it got repetitive and there wasn't much action to be had so 6/10 im afraid

putzpie responds:

Yeah I can dig that lol. Thanks for the review yo


Very nice! How did you do this?I dont know, how to.

putzpie responds:

I used pivot for the animation and then I recorded it with hypercam, and then imported the video in flash.


it was kinda cool. it seems like a stick figure free running

Late review lol

Okay, I agree with you that Pivot can be decent for making videos, but, no offense, you need to improve a lot if you think Pivot is going to make it on here. You can look on YouTube and there actually are decent Pivot videos, and buddy, they're way better than this one. There's no plot, needs to have more frames for better fluency, needs to have... erm... better looking obstacles, and it needs to be more interesting overall. Sorry my review sounds so negative, they usually aren't like that. =P Anyway, good luck in animating.


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3.61 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2008
11:14 PM EDT
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