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naruto lives

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Author Comments

I made this with liveswif
I made one while my cox internet was done so I made two more and had some fun with it.
so I really hope you like it
I think I will make more kick as flash cause im going to see if I can get flash.

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You have potential, I'll give you that...

It was kind of bland though, not very entertaining or interesting.

Good effort but somewhat bland

Mediocre at best. In a house party the rule of thumb is to never do the number two in the toilet. You'll punish everyone there and it is not worth it to those lining up.
Here you've don't just that. You've don't the number two. Yes I've been having a great time and all at this party but you come along with this atrocity.
What you should have done is catch a cab home and do the number two there. It's a $14 poo, but thats the price you have to pay. That s the price.
Surely a more refined and detailed attempt in this flash submission should have seen you with favored better heights, but i am somewhat disappointed with this flash submission, in terms of your development of skill demonstrated through your other flashes. Nonetheless I did somewhat slightly enjoy this, but as mentioned in previous comments alot needs to be improved.
Strangely entertaining and that is what i liked best about this.

very intersting

well done

well good luck

u might need it a lot of people can be harsh wel if this is ur first flick not bad for a starter keep it up good luck u might want to put some more background to it too it was just well original...anyways gooodluck with ur future flicks


Feeble attempt, but a start nonetheless. At least you can only get better from here.