When I'm Running

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Hello Newgrounds! This animation, at 1:17, is the shortest I've ever done, but I'd like to think what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. And besides, at under 900 K this animation is a steal when it comes to bandwidth. I made this animation from more or less a true story from my experiences as a runner. And other runners out there, I'm not the only one who does this... right? Well, I hope you'll be both entertained and laugh from this little short. Fun little fact, I've run over 150 miles (over about 2 months, I've been pretty busy) since I first started animating this.

Also, please leave reviews, I read all and respond to a vast majority.

Thanks for watching!
-Ox Sox

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lol i do the same thing

except that I'm chasing something instead of running away... I'll catch that unicorn one day O.o

And yea, I felt it would have been cool if you did like a constant shifting of things chasing you before like ending up on the dinosaur and finishing with it. Just my opinion, chance to throw in some crazy non-sensical drawings.

OxSox responds:

Well the problem with constant shifting to me, is it would have ruined the realism of the dinosour chasing him. I was trying in this movie to make something not very realistic, a dino chasing a man, to be surrealistically possible. A giant shape shifting thing would have been a harder sell.


I thought the running animation looked a little bit strange, but this was still really good.
I will imagine things to make me run faster too sometimes. The music fit very well, all the art looked really good.
Though it felt a little short. I though there would be more things running after the guy, but it was awesome just with the T-rex.
Great job, keep it up!

OxSox responds:

Thanks, I pride myself in being able to pick the right music for my animations :)

Clever and imagitive

That is a treat to watch your very talented at this, why the low score? it should be higher.

Graphics.7/10 The introduction blew me away with the animation it looked very clever and ,bright the figure running was good. The colors are nice and bright the running scene, did not quite as good. Because of when you reduced the size of he man.The T.Rex scared me good close up shots.

Sound.8/10 I have to say i like your pick of music ,the sounds whilst running are good. We hear lots of dramatic things the , credits is a bonus.

This is a very clever piece of work. The running scenes as it got going ,all good the T.Rex is a favourite as i like dinosaurs. The images you used to run away were clever. The running away is good it was a good idea, to keep on running. The ending is funny i thought, it was quirky and just right. The dino appealed to me very much. On third viewing i can see why the man is smaller.

Some of the close ups did not look as good, the outlines looked like they did not belong on screen. The rest is good although its a shame it did not look ,as good as the beginning.

Ovreall a good movie.

review request club

OxSox responds:

Thanks a ton for the review. I'll work on my close up art work (I'm think I'm going to remove outlines from my movies in most situations in the future), and hopefully you'll like my next movies even more. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks movie deserved a bit better score (when I submitted I thought it going to get about a 3.4).
-Ox Sox


The animation of the running man looked a bit odd, but it's one of the hardest things to animate a running man/woman, I think.

The graphics looked very nice and I liked the things that where going on in the background. The entrance of the Dino was done pretty good, with the screen shaking.

I started running a few weeks ago, maybe I too should imagine some things like that. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

OxSox responds:

Oh come on you don't have to let me off that easy, the running man was the center piece of the whole animation, if there was one thing that needed to be perfect it was him, and if I didn't accomplish that it's a serious failure on my fault. With this animation under my belt I feel much more confident that I can better draw running characters in future animations.

Dude, the key to running regularly is not to stop. Make a routine for yourself and stick with it! Right now your at the point where it's easiest to quit, don't let yourself and don't make excuses for yourself. But yeah, when your trying to incorporate speed into your work outs imagination goes a long way to motivation. Good luck running, hope to meet ya in a race some day ;)

A fun story.

I liked the screen shake just before the dino entrance.

In the 'intro', there's a lot of crazy stuff in the background - specially with the lorry and overturned car, I thought that was part of your imagination.

The run cycle could be a bit better - when seen from the front, don't have your arms cross over your body - they should be roughly in the same vertical plane as your shoulders.

And maybe slow down the side-on run cycle a bit. What frame rate is it running at? It looks kinda jerky and there's no change in speed - the legs should pause each time they 'kick back'.

I liked the dino though and the sound was well chosen.

It's a fun little thing. Didn't make me chuckle, but left me satisfied after watching.

OxSox responds:

Thanks for your ever observant review Bezman. Yes, the foreshadowing in the background of the intro was supposed to be caused by the imaginary dino, and would by extension also be imaginary. In the "real life" version it was all imagined anyway. The whole movie was at 24 fps, I'll keep your tips for improving my run-cycles animations in mind for next time. Your reviews are always appreciated :)

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Jul 8, 2008
7:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original