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Ambush Part 1

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Ok i was 13 when i made this so please can you not be harsh with it. The story might be a bit strange as well. Many of the scenes had to be taken out as well because of glitches i couldnt fix or work out what was going on and all of the game material in it was from tutorials that i found on newgrounds.
If many of you have played FF7 (final fantasy 7) the music i used was from that, in order it goes
Anxious Heart
One winged angel
All can be found on http://www.fantasyanime.c om/finalfantasy/ff7music.
and the fighting music is off
oh and theres a bit that you need to press play or next because it wont start and i dont no why
the line is Sir im in and its after the maze game
so thank you for watching it

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acctully funnn

do you need flash art for the figures?

well w/e i loved how this game came out in my mind.
tell you the truth i would have made the same story line... or somthing close, more the less im waiting to see the next one.

you seem like a cool person to me... you see my life dream is to be a 1. voice actor and 2. a scriptwriter ...

so if i had any flash knowledge at all i would tribute this game by remaking it also with a revised story line...

well any way, thank you. i hope we can gain contact and learn from each other.

lol.not bad

the fact that u made this at 13 is realy impressive.there were lots of glitchs,it was very slow, and it stoped after i got threw the first maze and he says im in.but it was fun and i bet it gets better so i gave u a 5.keep it up and i hope theres a sequel.

Well done for what it is

Theres an actual plot, and it functions fairly well. If it was cleaned up and given some nice graphics, it could be quite a nice game.


im sorry nice effort but story was sorta ok but the gameplay just sucked half of the time you didnt have to do anything and oh yeah it froze like 3 times just really suckish not worth putting up

I actually really liked this!

What can i say? I'm a sucker for that theme music....I love FF7 and the game itself was pretty good. And i laughed when you said the yellows were in the east lol