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My good friend Jamal Korki died today. This is my tribute


Just shape up!

Ok, i'm not going to completely slam on this guy's death, but this isnt a very sensical self look into what his death really is. You see a squared picture rise from a tombstone into the sky, does this even teach a right lesson? Now not to be mean, but you and your friends' games are a good bit of a waste of time. Please make a game that is worth looking at, hear me out for a second, this doesnt contribute to the site well. Its basically a pityful attempt to show everyone a relook into his death. Show something with a little more emotion in someone dying, this makes it look like you were happy to see him drop dead and your happily presenting him to heaven.

A few thoughts...

Although some of your animations about K0RKZ are mildly amusing they are, for the most part, spam. The portal is already overflowing with spam that gets mass voted in, which makes the whole system a little messed up. I know you probably don't care at all, I don't expect you to. Obviously in this case I am one voice against many, however I am not going to randomly insult you or swear. Just letting you know that this isn't part of any positive means of contribution to the site.

His sense of humor was not unlike Andy Kaufman's.

Someone just made a fake hentai movie with his picture 'just rotating.' It's about to be blammed, I suggest all see it before that happens.

he didn't deserve to die

he just needed to stop the hate on the net. RIP

Sorry man!

I was in a rush so i clicked 0 instead of 5 , i always press 5 :(

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Jul 6, 2008
4:47 PM EDT
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