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Right. Great. Wonderful. You're tuned into the wired society. This is Big Time Television, day after day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday. You know we said, ah, there's no future? Well, this is it. This is Blank Reg, talkin' to the blank generation, hot and live from Big Time Television. And next up... more of the same. Have a nice day.

\o\ \o/ /o/

It's massively interactive. So get in, tune in and turn it up. Just copypasta the embed codes of any youpube vids into the chat and the vid should play. Any glitches? Blame it on Youpube. We're just letting the vids stream in there. Chat with your friends or random people whilst being incontrol of the remote. Ver 0.9


Wow a chatbox

That's really what we needed , seriously , how long have you spent on that ?

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notshi responds:

wow, a moron.

that is all.


the title says it all. tell reg i said hai.

notshi responds:

**shi puts more sauce on asuacytaco**

reg sends his love.

lolz :}

Very nice project...

here. It's the best assignment I've reviewed in some time. Controls, graphics are outstanding; Great thought process overall. It is definently interactive as you stated in your comment.
I'm putting this in my fav's so I can check it out some more in my spare time; Which I have plenty of.
Anyhow, great job! Looking forward to your next brilliant idea......vp

notshi responds:

excellent! and many thanks.

looking forward to seeing you lurk in the chat :}


I was lagthing my ass off good job dude

notshi responds:

i am pleased you approve.


Rick Rolled a room and got gagged!

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notshi responds:


Reg <3 you too


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3.58 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
4:37 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other