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Alien Planet - BloodLust

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Alien Planet - BloodLust

This game has been developed since October, 2007. This game features fast and fun actions set in an alien planet environment.

You are a space marine trainee who is assigned to protect a corporate flag from alien invasion. Protect your flag from being captured to the greys' UFO. Collect items that are dropped from your mothership and kill the incoming aliens.

The key to survive in this game is to choose the right weapon against different kinds of enemy and balance the time for picking up items and protecting the flag.

Press a to move left
Press d to move right
Press w to jump
Press r to reload ammo
Press q to swop weapon
Press 1 - 6 to choose weapon
Press p to pause / resume
Use mouse to aim and fire

Thank you for all of you who give feedbacks about this game. I will take your feedbacks to improve quality of my next game! Thankss

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Huh...didn't expect that.

I loved it, the game is awesome, great graphics to.
but one complaint(which isn't necessarily a problem) Don't you mean "Chupacabra" not "Chukalapa" ?

pretty good

i noiticed a bug.
a red grey spawns on top of the flag...
there needs to be more ammo ad mre heaalth creates...
ayou need Tmares/A squad

ookpalm responds:

Thanks Timosuarus007. The next game will have a team squad!

Not bad

Great game. Could be better though. Here are some things that should be worked on: (1) game play was too slow and I've got one of the fastest comps out there, (2) i agree with a previous player that the field of view could be increased, (3) the blood squirting out of the platforms when you shoot it, ehhh. aver all, i love it. i'll wait for the update with great anticipation as i get hooked on this version.


It was okay but I noticed quite a few bugs and flaws. Like the one where blood quirts out of anything you hit including the platforms.Also would have been better if you had a bigger field of view(more zoomed out).

Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
4:33 PM EDT