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R B: sword in the stone

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Who will be the one to pull the sword from the stone.
Will it be YOU?
This was made before grumpy blok so that's why it's out so fast.
P.S: I know that the pause and play button don't work. I don't know why.
P.P.S: Don't worry, be happy


wow! quality boost!

the quality from your first to this one was SPECTACULAR! i could really heard the voices and sound effects i see you put more effort in lighting and details like the blood that i loved :P

very good

it's quite good

it was good

the window was stupid but other than that great, the window made it less enjoyable and too distracting

(lol "how do you know you're the chosen one?" "yeah!" "exactly!" "HIPPOS!")

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First of all i wwant to say that i always have respect for people who create stopmotion because it's a long and tiresome animation proces.
That is the only thing i like about this flash. The animation itself was far from bad but there were some major downsides:
-The story wasn't funny. Especially the ralph wiggum-like random word character. It was slow and made absolutely no sense (that isn't necessary but when it isn't funny it is just stupid)
-The window itself pissed me off. Why create buttons that don't work and than position them in a way that they don't even outline correctly with the window? Just leave it blank next time!
-The voice acting just sucked. I don't know what kind of accent you were trying to imitate but it was just really bad. Like the animation, dialogue was slow (and again not funny) and the terrible voiceacting made it even worse.

You're animation was good. But next time, let other people help you!

Good luck

Shnibs responds:

Thank you for your honesty.

Too slow

It's a little funny, but the story go too slow, and the audio is low.

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Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2008
10:06 AM EDT
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