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Spartaas's Run

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Spartaa's tasty (really very tasty) hamburguer was delicious, now it has got to get out from somewhere.

Run for his live!

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ummm...not bad...

It's ok, a bit too easy if you ask me. But seriously, nice music. Keep it up!

nice work

it has what i like in flash a nugget of your nostalgia for games a twist of humor and CREATIVITY

the music was better than the game

this piece of crap is boring ***** this game

What has this got to do with sparta?

I clicked on this thinkoing to see king leonidas or something, but it turned out to be a bad game entirely made up of bad movement controls and farts


To everybody down below me....

According to the writeup on another site, the dude made this for a class project, so I don't think he's coming back to it. It's pretty decent, though. It moves a lot better than stuff I've played on Miniclip.

I only came here because I wanted to know where the song came from, because I'm collecting horrible but badass gametracks that sound like they were made in the 90's. But I see that he has not listed it. Ah, well.