Ufo Pwn!

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this is what 2 days of not paying attention in film class created



Has a ton of potential. Put some more work into it and see what you can do! =)

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awesome game but

i think you could have done alot more if you putt more time. its awesome that it took you two days just image what you can make in a week or 2. heres what you could add:

1 More weapons
2 constant shot with the mouse button
3 weaker enemies, sorry but it take forever to kill just one after the 10th my finger starts to cramp
4 better graphics
5 diffrent enemies

i can see this game becoming really popular if you just throw in more effort into it.

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Great for Alright

i'm givin u a 8 star just because this game was good for being a quickly made game were u can be JESUS and rape some aliens... bad parts, and there were a few..... 1st off u had horrible graphics and everytime u shot the 3 or higher ships u got hurt by radioactive slim balls?! and second i don't see many weopons if any more at all.... it was good to just kill time, but so far, nothin in comparison to gem crafter..... so good job for alright

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Not too bad

Not bad, but very simple and repetitive, a few minor graphics glitches (clipping of the numbers, for instance) but overall not terrible.

Something to add more than a few minutes of playability would have been nice: some powerups, more than one kind of UFO, some sort of storyline, ect.

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Damn this is addictive it' would bee cool to have upgrades(rail gun) / more enemies. Definetly a good time waster.

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2.73 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2008
3:11 PM EDT
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