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RGB 2 - Red Green Blue is the sequel to my orginal game, accuracy is key as each pixel towards the center of each targets rewards a better score.

complete the colour combo at the bottom for bonuses.

Each target hit increases your overall combo multiplier, don't hit a wrong colour or you'll go all the way
back to combo 1

Similar to sight training on the ds, this game will help you to train your motion tracking and hand to eye co-ordination, hope fully making you better on first person shooter games and such.

Hope you enjoy playing.

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This was an adequate game. I did enjoy it, even though it wasn't that complicated. I didn't like it how you had so much time. It just didn't seem challenging that way. Not much else to say about the design. The sound was synched up well.

I don't know what RGB stands for. Oh, wait, now I do. The rainbow things were a pretty nice touch. While not great, it was feasible. It just seemed like a smooth game.


Nothing inovative. Much like a carnival game

I likey!

Maybe someone that needs special needs couldn't figure it out. Although, I could. Fun, Fun, Fun. More levels and power-ups would be good though.


Maybe I'm just dense, but I couldn't figure out what color I needed to shoot, so I randomly clicked and looked around for clues. That's a fail.

But otherwise interesting, and nice with high-score as always =)

Pretty nice

It was ok, too bad there was only 1 round for each diffeculty level. The sound was ok, too bad you couldn't find better classical musical, cause there is plenty of it.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2008
1:02 PM EDT