The Wrath of Iron Ryan

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3 things you must do if you want to fully enjoy this cartoon:

1)Watch High School Musical
2)Watch High School Musical 2(Only once, to see why I made this. After that, don't ever do it again)
3) Watch All For the Love of Troy(Annd if you're a nice guy, you'll leave a review on it)

After two whole months of working, here is the second in the High School Murdercal trilogy. About 14 minutes long, and has blood, swearing, and "Braveheart School of Acting" dismemberments, so obviously not something for kids to watch.
This is a pioneer in my line of cartoons, because 1) it's the first to use Newgrounds Audio and 2) it has extras(characters other than those primary to the events in the film). Those two things contribute greatly to the large file size, I'm sorry about that, I know what it's like waiting for a large cartoon to load. A shout-out to anyone who knows Japanese: can you guess what the letters spell?
There are some places in this cartoon where you may have a slight pause, due to the filters. This cartoon is loaded with filter effects so make sure you have the Flash 8 plugin otherwise you'll miss a vital part of this.
At the end, when the credits repeat (Sorry, it was a bug I couldn't fix) just right click to rewind. Again, do that and change the quality to low if the movie seems jumpy.
You see the rating Teen for Excessive Violence? It isn't there for nothing. This installment is much more violent than All For the Love of Troy, I assure you, though not as violent as I hoped.
Go on...You know it belongs in the Ultra Violence colletion...You see your hand...moving the mouse to click on Recommend this for a Collection......You know you want to do it...don't hold yourself back...

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I was expecting someone to kill that girl, and her bf jumped into the fight thats cheap. I'm confused. I mean both the girls where bad but the "rich" girl had not done anything bad yet. why did your character want to kill her first ? Role for the play is not a good idea ... Something like Gab was dating troy already and "rich girl" seduced him would have been more logical. I dont get it at all. Do you not like "rich people" ? I know a lot of poor people that have it easier then rich ones .. I used to be poor myself but my dad worked hard and now some people consider me rich, although dad still works hard doing phisical labor the only difference is house size.

LordHayden responds:

Iron Ryan was not meant to win.
If you want to understand this better, go watch All for the Love of Troy. Then you'll understand.

14 minutes is just too much.

There are just walls of text throughout the whole flash-- and hardly any real animation other than the fight scenes. I didn't really care to read the text mainly because it's pretty boring. Here is an idea for the parts of the text that are dragging on-- make it interactive and put a "go" button on the bottom corner, so when the viewers are finished with the text, they just click next. The flash will be much shorter, to cut down on time.

As for voice actors, why not your own voice? And there are MANY willing people to be voice actors. You ask, they'll come a-running.

LordHayden responds:

My recent experiences with soliciting voice actors would suggest otherwise.


But a little bit too long sometimes IMO.
You should have done some parts shorter.
But anyway, it was cool and funny and gore, nice job and thanks for using my song! :)

LordHayden responds:

You're probably right, some parts are kinda long. I shall address that as soon as I am able, and then we shall see. I liked your song, that's why I put it in. At least someone appreciates the gore I put it in and all that.
Now, please go and watch the predecessor of this cartoon, All For the Love of Troy, and leave a review on that too.

Read everything Lady-Kass said.

Seriously. It was incredibly boring for long periods of time and your fighting sequences need to be MUCH shorter.

LordHayden responds:

Very well then. But you'd best vote 5 when I make changes.

It looks kinda unfinished...

Try Adding more effects and visuals on the enviroment. Get voice acting. Make the sequences shorter, much shorter. Also, make more face expressions on your character and it will maybe get better. I hope you don't take this criticism the wrong way. Thank you.

LordHayden responds:

Find me voice actors, and I'll put them in, especially actors who will swear.

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2.83 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2008
1:31 AM EDT
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