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Rotate 720

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Drag, drop and rotate your platforms to reach the portal key which will open the portal. You can deleate the platforms with the "Deleate" key.

Have fun and happy gaming!

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Is that it?

I was disappointed by the lack of either any variation or challenge.

Persevered until the end, where it says, 'well done - you have finished.' I was expecting a hard mode after that.

Really though, my first disappointment came around the 2nd or 3rd level, with the lack of new elements. On the final level, I was following the exact same processes that I was on the 1st and a combination of trial-and-improvement and using the infinite supply to make a 'funnel' for the ball saw me through with no percieved challenges encountered.

All but 3 of the levels were completed on the first go thanks to the latter technique and if you had limited the number of platforms we could use, it may have allowed you to develop some genuinely interesting puzzles.

The graphics were good, the ball generally behaved well and the game was simple to understand.

It just seems like you need to make some mechanical changes and add some interesting levels.

Another one.

I have seen many games like this before...

Nice physics

I only found a couple of spots where the ball got stuck, overall, very nice. The only thing I would have changed is having the startDrag not lock to the center of the platforms. It was annoying to click on a platform to rotate it and have it mvoe to wherever my mouse clicked. And more levels. definitely more levels.


Man good game, you have to make more levels cause the game ends to fast.


I got a lot of fun to play your game! Nice!