Yellow Submarine (V.2)

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Hoy all.

This is my first game project. Its still kinda buggy, but for the most part its done. I wanted to post it and see what everyone thought before i finished. The core of the game was developed through a tutorial by Dave Duoll over at flashkit.com. Please review constructively, as this was more of a 'learn the code shit' experience for me. Please play it through to the end at least once before you vote. Sorry for the shitty story and horrid music, but i was going for an original NES game kinda feel. Im gonna stop yammering now.

Default quality is low, can be changed in the options menu.

*** UPDATE : 4:40 AM 2/19/2002 - Ok, By popular demand, the game now has a Beatles soundtrack. :) It actually makes the gameplay a little more fun. Also fixed some bugs. ***


PS : You must attain a score of 7000 before you can fight the boss.


This game sucks it is nothing as The Beatles would like it is about destroying things it should be about PEACE AND LOVE NOT DESTROYING EVERYTHING!!!

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I gotta agree with what some other users were saying, it just doesn't feel right using the yellow submarine to destroy things and especially not with missiles. Maybe even it just shot out the word "Love" and you were shooting at "Glove" and The Blue Meanies. Or like if your shooting at the fish, instead of dying they'd just like turn pink and smile or something cute like that.


I'm sorry but i agree with the other guys, the song is all about peace and love, and not about violence, when i first played i freaked out when i was destroyed too.

meh... you pass

well the animation and all was pretty good... but you totally missed the point of the beatlse songs.... THERE AGAINST VIOLENCE.... THEY ARE FOR PEACE AND LOVE


that made being poked in the eye with a spade funny, firstly the graphics suck and theres no real reward in the game. oh yer and the song was probly the best thing about it and you didnt even make that?

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2.78 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2002
7:50 AM EST
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