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Sprite A Day: 31

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Well, Meatwadsprite told me he wasn't doing sprite a day 31, or anymore for that matter. So I decided to do the last one. It kinda sucks because it was rushed, and because I had to make the shorts. Enjoy.

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Haaay it's not that bad

First and seond joke are just great, third is okay and the last is great, Nice of you to make a "final" eps dude. Great work.

great job

Great Job!! ha tim and eric

Ahhh Good Good

You did great on your own


It was fucking hilarious, I love the Sonic & Mario part :D. THATS NONE OF YOUR BIZNIZ!

Khonjin responds:

lol, glad you liked it :D

A sad end

A good try my friend, i'll give you full marks for trying to continue on with such a great idea. It's a little sad, though, that its all over and done with, your like the kid who goes back to the playground after everyone else moved away and now your all alone. On the other hand though, this was a pretty good flash, i found it quite funny with the exception of #4, but thats me. Good job, maybe you can make Khawner's Sprite a Days #32-60 and you can be the organizer. Its an idea, do what you want. Keep up the good work!

Khonjin responds:

I might do so, but the fact that there is now going to be a Sprite a Week, I don't know if that will be nessesary.

Also, I didn't like number 4 either. I ran out of time, so I had to make a short that required no skill, and well...yeah lol.

It's tempting though, I might make some others, but I just don't think so.