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[Please note]: Pieces that are being dragged will not be scrambled, so the strategy is to make as big a piece as possible before the shuffling kicks in, then holding on to that piece by dragging it.

Hey everyone, this is my first submission :D

The objective of this game is simple: Drag the pieces to pull the image together.
-12 levels
-corner pieces indicated
-pieces of the image will lock together when placed near enough
-all pieces will be shuffled periodically, unless they are being dragged (as the levels progress, this will occur less frequently)

Possible future version of the game might include game options and have several additional features requested

Enjoy! :]

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The game is pretty good. I liked it. The difficulty was just set on grabing the big piece before time runs out. Two things I would add to the game:
- High score submission, or high score tracking.
- Shuffle the big piece as a whole. (That is if the programming allows it.)

Good, but a bit annoying...

Not a bad game, but still a bit annoying. Especially that one with a planet. Yeah, there you have to be kinda lucky to pass it. You have 3 pieces left, time is almost running out, you are getting nervous, omg, just one last piece... and BAH! It shuffles...
*calms down*
Well, puzzles with irregular backgrounds were OK for me. In overall - a well done nice game.

OK, now I have to get a cup of coffee :p

EverStrife responds:

Here's a tip, pieces being dragged do not shuffle so if you had just one last piece, hold on to the other "bigger" piece, and then when the shuffling is done, you'll still have that one piece left in the puzzle :)


I liked it, but on some levels, such as the world and watermelon, my god, you just had to guess on where the piecese go, I mean, the colors were pretty much exactly the same on like 6 pieces, and since the pieces dont always snap together, it was hell, the only way I got the globe one was to do the, click and hold your main piece, so it doesnt fall apart (I think thats a glitch) and when I clicked replay, and then start, it didn;t start. But hey, I liked it, very cool

EverStrife responds:

Glitch? Haha, that's just meant to help you. Something else you might want to know is that the pieces don't snap to each other, they snap to an invisible grid. As for the selection of pictures, I will take note of that for the next release =)

not bad but not great

It was pretty fun, personally I like Jigsaw puzzles.

One thing I noticed was if I click and hold the piece I want to save then it won't fall apart when time runs out, maybe put an option for that. Like easy and hard so hard won't let you do that or something, even if you don't it's a good way around the clock. Also (I don't know if I misses it or something but) put a music toggle in there so I don't have to listen to that song loop over and over.

It's really good for a first submission, I look forward to #2

EverStrife responds:

Thx for your suggestion :]
As for the pieces being dragged not falling apart when shuffled, I was hoping people would catch this because it would be highly difficult in later levels to solve the puzzle within the randomization time periods (without knowing this).


It was alright, some of the pieces wouldn't fit together just right even if they were in the right spot. It got annoying when that happened then the puzzle was re-arranged. On some of the puzzles, there were just 'blank' spaces that you had no idea where they went, so you had to just guess on every one. That also got annoying when you had most of the puzzle done, then had to start over because it was re-arranged again. Tip: Don't put blank space in the puzzle if there's no obvious place that it can go. That, or give us more time to complete the puzzle.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2008
9:38 PM EDT

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