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===> *Please recomend for the "Castle Series" collection* <===

Woot ! My second submission to NG ! Ok people i hope you all like it ! I haven't completely finished it cuz im still planning on what to heppen next i promise i will update the swf file as soon as i do, please dont let that lower your vote's score...



So this was pretty intense I like the idea of this it's a nice addition to the portal with all the visuals and nice flow of animation very nice work here and the effects we're pretty nice but I think you can ad even more flashy effects that will really wow the viewer but overall this was a pretty tight animation and hope you make more like this some day

More flashy effects needed


A simple but slick tribute to one of the best Stickfigure franchises here on NG! Fast, furious and true to the original, though I like the different style. A new take on a familiar thing. Nicely done, though ends a bit suddenly!


Not gonna lie, that was pretty badass. A very good pivot animation, to say the least. Some of the greatest stick animations were created with pivot. Overall great job.
Finesse - +2
Animation overall - +2
Shortness - -.5
Result: 3.5/5. Good job

Not bad!

It's quite okay. But a few gripes. This is a tribute. So it means it should stay true to the series. But you made the main character some sort of kickass superhero, while if you look at the Castle Series, all the characters are fallible, they have weaknesses, they are scared like everyone else, they don't do some kind of cool stab without even looking. But it was a great job with animation. You're pretty good. :D

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About Pivot

I use it too but can anyone recomend something better because it is a pain to have to create everything for it id rather draw that like with flash but without tearing a $700 hole in my pocket :P dont say tisfat or blender im goin for 2d not 3d

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3.49 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2008
4:47 PM EDT
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