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The stupid quiz

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Hey this was only to help with my actionscript. But my friends told me to upload it.

So vote away NG users, surprise me.

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i wrote a bad review a while ago and i don't know what my problem was that day, but i got a notice that it was deleted, so sorry for the crappy review, i actually came back and finished, this time, the joke made it all worthwhile, except that for the scream you might want to have the music stop, to give it more effect.
so again sorry for the crappy review i gave you, hopefully this is a little more helpfull.

All voting 0?

I saw crappier stuff rated higher...
Well, it lacks of lotta things, as I'm sure you know, tho you could make something decent out of it, if you would.
Just try.

it glitched out...

i cheated when i was supposed to click the orb without seeing my mouse, i right clicked so my cursor showed and i clicked on it like 10 times and it never advanced me. so i closed it. from what i saw, could have been better. way better. try again.

Mantinziza responds:

true i new about that glitch but, it is clickable you have to hold the mouse down as it passes so the thing changes then when it turns into a smiley let go.

But trust me it aint worth goin pass. As i said before i was just tinkering around with actionscript.


I guess im the only one to see the baby doll face, that scared me a bit. The scream wasn't loud enough.

Mantinziza responds:

Nice you made it. alot of people didn't


I got stuck on the button how do u pass it? plz pm me