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The Food Collab

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*edit* FRONT PAGE!! Thanks NG and congrats to everyone involved!!

*edit* DAILY 3RD!!

I was sitting around a month ago mindlessly moving drawings around the screen to pass a rainy day, when I drew a banana, and made it peel itself... I thought to myself, "I'M GOING TO BE RICH!!" Then I realised, no, that's not it... and cancelled my order for a golden urinal...

but... WAIT!!... WHAT IF??!!

How about an animated food collab!?
with food moving around and stuff...

Word got out and there was much rejoicing.
The rest, as they say, is history...

Thanks to the other 18 people with parts in this collab;
BornToByte, BudGPStudios, FrameSlinger, Gatling,
Kweaks, Lard-Lad, MarcYVF, MarkyLyne, MorrowDays,
Nicholas Deary, Revels, Satan112, Slodd, steelsoldier,
TommYVF, Treerung, Ubercream, xHeavyMetalx.

There's a great mix of styles and skills in this, watch it all, leave a review, be good to your mother, and most of all... Enjoy!

Oh and some people think that the game is all there is. It's just a preloader game, from there you can use a button to go back the movie and watch it... okay?
. ._ ._
. / . \ . \
. | . o_o\_____
. | __ . . . . . ( _ )
. | |+/---------/
. |___|
-TheBoogley (Thanks to Kweaks for making the "crap text Boogley")

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Nice job But i think the shooting game had pretty bad controlling


I'm reminding you in '69 to make that movie :)

TheBoogley responds:

I'll remind him when the time comes :3

just what newgrounds needed ,a food collab

you my good sir boogely have filled my heart with joy and queinced my thoart with
laugher with entertament of all these wonderful foods for my starvation from singing chickens to dancing fajjuatas with animation,

TheBoogley responds:

people like food, they really do

This collab made me hungry. =P

I loved this collab a lot,the concept of it was nice but the execution of it made it very silly and humorous so it was quite enjoyable with all different types of food doing crazy & random things,i liked the variety of animation this collab had to offer with so many different styles and most of it was good too,overall i enjoyed this food collab and i think everyone who contributed to this collab did a great job.

TheBoogley responds:

and now you're going to ask us to lend you some money?
All these compliments make me suspicious :3

Fruits and Vegetables?

Mostly... I'd really like to see a cake being cut. With blood coming out it. Or a leek throwing up from being overly spinned. Really funny though, I like it.

TheBoogley responds:

leeks are funny, yes! :3