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Guide the Pacco through various addictive arcade levels filled with different monsters. Collect coins, open doors, use wormholes, slide on conveyers and eat pills to morph into a monster eating berserk!
Use your mouse to set the direction and hold down the mouse button to charge power, release to fly!
!!!Tap the button to brake if you're flying to fast!!!
Tips: It's better to charge the power and let the monsters come instead of hitting the mouse button fastly. You also can charge power while you are flying!
We tested every single level umpteen times to ensure a fair but also challenging and diversified gameplay,

Have Fun!

edit: new version without that dead GameJacket :)

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I thought the animation in this was just subpar. Apart from that, it was a good game. I'm glad you could get Pac-Man like features. It was also nice to see you gradually damage the blocks. I guess the little things just made it. It's nice to have so much mobility.

I really lost it at the level with the arrows. There must be something with the switch I can do. I appreciate the music. It has a nice tone to it. I'm glad it's at least somewhat popular.

fuck lvl 2


I like this game.

server fail

I'll give a real review when the servers work

whileworking responds:

it works now :)

Why finite lives?

I got to Paranoia before I lost my final life. I lost a couple there, a shitload on the level that introduced conveyor belts and one on 'push it'.

The introduction to conveyor belts felt unfair and though I got past paranoia on my 2nd attempt, it was only because of the non-existent path-finding - I managed to get the ghost trapped on the left.

'careful' was a fun level though - an change of pace and ingenious use of the elements.

Ultimately though, I felt like restarting the game was a real grind - replaying earlier levels was never a fun component of games for any but the most agonistic of players and it should be left in the last century.

Given the slightly random feel of some elements - such as the mentioned introduction to conveyors and the

Give us infinite lives (with a detriment to our score) and we'd be able to see all your levels and have more fun doing it.
I played it a 3rd time and got to 'contortionist', but for me the joy of overcoming each level was enough - having finit lives seemed like an irrelevant hindrance.