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Mario Bros. X 3

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Author Comments

The best one out so far, that's my opinion. Once again, introducing new characters. Three, actually. One has already been mentioned previously, sooooo...
Anyway, you'd guess already that there's a battle with Bowser. And that's all I can tell. Sit back, relax and keep a finger on the Space Bar...

Update: Hey, does anyone but me hate Peasley's 'Hey'? Because its reall getting on my nerves! I need a vote of if i should kill him off or not. Or maybe just send him away for a looooooooooooooong time! Anyway, plz tell me what i should do!

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Shine sprites = Djine stars?

Those are just different colored shine sprites

Good Job!

I can see the progressive improvements in here, such as your skills with the sprites. I would figure this would have a higher score but I suppose not everyone has the same opinion on this. I like your story line. I'm curious on what the next episode holds.

"tell that to my stomach" lol

kill queen bean too plase i beg to you

lol the ringtone


dont just make him lose his memory, hes got to die, but if you have aproblem with that you could make his death a herioc sacrifice

A much better episode

This had a lot of great aspects with a good mix of action and plot filling with the story,the Bowser fight was entertaining to watch and lasted a good while also the music all around was a great fit too also i got to admit i do love the occasional voice-in but the Peasley's "Hey" got a bit repetitive but other then that the voice-ins we're great,you did an excellent job on this piece.