Infinity Tornament

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this is my second video for newgrounds but my first atempt at a dragonball z style video so enjoy a 8 minute long video

(Note: the beginning of the video is a bit slow starting but the action starts to pick up a little bit later on)

this is going to be a 5 part series

( please give me your thoughts on my video what you liked and didnt and maybe things you would like in the second one)


sorry but i didnt really like it.

it was a okay animaed thing with a very slight plot. what bothered me was every sound you used was from DBZ. the theme song, the intro song and the fight SFX. origionality would be nice. oh and some voice actors?


Some parts were really well done, while most parts including close quarters combat between the two seemed really fake, perhaps because their arms bent like spaghetti, and they never kept their hands up on guard. Or they have no wrists. But it was well done, nonetheless.

like the concept

but still.... you really need to work on the quality. it looks good, but its a little too simplistic in terms of the visual style for me. And the fights can be slow at times. needs to be more intense, faster and certainly a more realistic style to make it truely stand out.

Pretty good

I love the whole DBZ action type thing youre going for, but I think you overdid it a little. I mean at one point you had about 30 punches, then 30 explosions, then like 30 blasts, youve gotta have variety with the action. I like where this is going, improve the drawings a bit too. When the fight began it didnt look like they were punching eachother. Good work tho.

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Good Job

I liked it, but I just can't cope movies without voice actors, but just because I loved the animation I'll give u full pot!
There's a place in the forum where you can find voice actors, look and see if you can find some for the next one, because IMO it makes the movie about a 1000 times better!

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3.68 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2008
10:21 AM EDT
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