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Teh 20 Hit Combo

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Author Comments

PLEASE NOTE: I had got only 2 DAYS to make it. It's stick.
This is my two pretty poor entries for Lixu's "Teh 20 Hit Combo Collab". The old entry is unfinished, becouse I tried new style. The new entry is my result. I hope you like it. Please, write a comment. This is my second submission.

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not bad

the newer version is obviously improved. cool. make more.


Good job Jorosh !

very good

it does remind me of the xiao xiao series and it is very good, with the soundrack too. but make it longer, add more eneies, make at a little more detailed, zoom in a bit and with a bg and it should be great

Smooth moves, kid!

Of course, theres the obvious make it longer, have more enemies, and of course (in ANYTHING 2-d that sidescrolls) there should be a background of some kind. Even if it's just walls, like the madness background.

Pretty good!

i agree with gokuryu, the xiao xiao series are over and it was a pitty, u can make some series and it will be a success (i think)