KLT Short: An Angry Gamer

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:::Before watching you should right-click the screen and turn down the quality to medium:::

This is the first submission of Kyle, Lyle, and Todd but its only a short.
They are tripplets all born with different hair colors, they are metalheads.

It way originaly supposed to be apart of the full first episode but i decided to take it out cause it fealt like it was missing something, but i think its decent enough to make a short, what do you think?

p.s. they are broke, so they don't have xbox 360's

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dude that was good

nice flash but man, but.........make another clay killing frenzy!

Cute flash, but

If George Carlin was still alive he'd be all over your asses for your names. Heh.

"What's your name?"
"Toooooddd. I'm Toooooodd."

Sorry, it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up :P

neonfox3 responds:

HAHAHAHA!!!! dude george carlin was the greatest comedian who ever lived!!!
lol todd, kyle, and tucker!

ah man sweet!

Ah, man its been a while haha!

the artwork in your flash is awesome! each character is unique and the scenery is great (especially the whole 3rd perspectiveness in the beginning were you see the shagrath poster haha)
also all the metal references were awesome. the dialogue could have been tweaked a little bit, but other than that it was pretty damn hilarious! also your voices help add to the hilariousness. lyle's voice especially.
i love how this totally reminded me of the time i last played halo live. (with the whole thing about a kid acting like a dick telling dick jokes haha)

MAN, I gotta see the full thing! awesome

~james (darksbane)

neonfox3 responds:

darksbaaaaane! long time man!
yeah like i said in the description i felt like there was something missing and i want it to be perfect so im redoing the second scene and hope it'll make it drag less and move the story along faster. i mean this was supposed to be the second scene but it was the first scene i had animated with KLT ever so its been improved.

the first scene of the full episode is epic, ill say that.


This reminds me of the modern day Beavis and Butthead.

neonfox3 responds:

sadly not really the answer i wanted, i cant help but have some kind of B&B humor cause i love them but im trying hard not to copy them, if you have more to say messege me and ill check my inbox.


im sure it will pleeze many. wasnt my kinda humor, but still funny to an extent

neonfox3 responds:

im perfectly ok with your answer, i was originaly going to use this scene in the first full episode but decided not to because i felt that it was lacking something, thank you for the review and i will do my best to make sure the first full episode is perfect.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2008
8:11 PM EDT
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